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Kristan Hawkins is a Christian, wife, mother, grassroots activist, author, speaker, and a human rights advocate. President of Students for Life of America, she was recruited in 2006 to launch Students for Life of America’s full-time operation. Since then, she has built up a small organization made up of a few dozen student groups scattered around the country to a coordinated national team serving more than 1,200 Students for Life chapters in all fifty states. Under her leadership, Students for Life exists to abolish abortion by transforming our culture by recruiting, training, and mobilizing this pro-life generation, who are the direct targets of today’s abortion industry. A frequent speaker and media analyst, Kristan’s expertise includes abortion, feminism, disability advocacy and healthcare, as she navigates the social conditions and public policy that impacts the human rights issue of our day.

A published author, Kristan wrote Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in this Lifetime. She has interviewed on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, the Today Show, CBS, ABC, and HBO and has received the title, “One of the 4 worst anti-abortion misinformers,” by Media Matters, a title of which she is very proud. Kristan regularly speaks at pro-life conventions and events across the United States including leading college campuses such as Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, and UC-Berkeley.


The Future is Anti-Abortion

We are the Pro-Life Generation


Envision a Nation Without Abortion

Pro-Life Apologetics

Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Business

Embracing the Controversy of Abortion

Lies Feminists Tell

Lies Pro-Choice Politicians Tell

Social Justice Begins in the Womb


"Kristan Hawkins is revolutionizing the pro-life movement through her visionary leadership, tireless energy, and electrifying communication. The abortion industry sees Kristan as one of their greatest threats, due to her unprecedented mobilization of tens of thousands of young pro-life leaders on more than 800 high school and college campuses. Do NOT bring Kristan Hawkins in to speak for your organization if you want it to stay stagnant. But if you are ready for a massive jolt of transformational energy and profound, life-saving results, book Kristan TODAY. I can attest from experience:

when Kristan talks, pro-life leaders and advocates listen ... and take action."
David Bereit, founder of 40 Days for Life

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